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NOTE:  At present, do NOT use the Mailing List.  There is an issue I need to resolve as most servers receiving these messages are being returned as they think it is originating as spam. Posted 9-11-2018

The PPGBigList Forum has the ability to automatically send emails out to individual email accounts as new posts are made.  Instructions for requesting this ability is given below.  A few details should be noted.

  1. Individuals can elect to have each new posting sent as an individual email.
  2. All emails sent are in text based format rather than HTML format.  No pictures or embedded files will be transmitted.  You will need to click on the specific link to see any graphical content.
  3. Any emails you desire to reply will require clicking the link and using a web browser to add your comments to the topic.
  4. All message traffic on the forum in all areas are sent to the subscribed email address.  If you desire only following a few specific threads, then you will need to manually follow via the web interface to the PPGBigList Forum.


To subscribe to the PPGBigList Forum, you will need to send an email from the email address you wish to receive the emails to:


Subject:  Hello

Message Contents:

subscribe forum (to subscribe to the individual forum emails)

unsubscribe forum (to unsubscribe from the individual forum emails)

Note: Do not include the information above between the parenthesis in the message content.

If you have any issues subscribing or unsubscribing, you can send an email to: and you should generally get a response within 24 hours.