The New NORTHSTAR Strobe!

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The New NORTHSTAR Strobe!

Post by RSS-Feed » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:12 pm
We are very excited to release a brand new product that we've been developing for the last 18 months! Designed to offer pilots an extra hour of flying bliss in the BEST air of the day, the NORTHSTAR strobe features 5 high intensity LED's powered by an 18650 lipo cell which provides up to 5 hours of blinding strobing action between recharges.
ImageImageThe final prototype was developed with the help of Strix and Alex Huff. The picture below is one of the final prototypes they sent us. We couldn't be more thrilled with the end result. The NORTHSTAR achieves everything we originally set out to accomplish, and we think it will really make a difference to paramotor pilots everywhere.ImageEach NORTHSTAR includes three different mounting systems.
  • A curved mount ideal to mount to helmets.
  • A flat mount for mounting to any flat surface on your motor.
  • A strap based mount ideal for mounting to your net, cage, or the like. Many of our test pilots opted to use these mounts to have TWO strobes for full 360 degree coverage.
As with anything you mount, please ensure it is not a snag hazard and is properly secured to not go through your prop. We hope this strobe helps you enjoy flying more than ever and helps increase your visibility and safety.

**IMPORTANT NOTE*** We anticipate this Strobe to begin shipping to our clients approx. September 21st.

You can order the NORTHSTAR in our webstore under PPG Accessories.


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