Palm Bay Fly-In March 15-17, 2019

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Palm Bay Fly-In March 15-17, 2019

Post by Beery » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:45 pm

Palm Bay Fly-In
March 15 – 17, 2019

2258 Monday Terrace SW
2258 Monday Terrace SW, Palm Bay, FL 32908, USA

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Our goal is to break even and we would appreciate your advance reservation. Register before Mar. 1st for only $35.00, T-shirt included. After Mar. 1st the cost will be $55 and no T-shirt. This will allow us to do the proper planning as to the quantities needed for the event and to order T-shirts with the correct sizes for everyone. Although staff will be volunteers, we do have costs to cover. There will be toilets, a main tent, tables, chairs, water station, tv , generator(s), registration booth, food trucks, mowing, etc. Vendors are welcome, paying the same registration fee. Donations from dealers are welcome for a Saturday evening raffle.
This event is for all pilots of either foot or wheel launched PPGs. Don and Eric Dufour (the main organizers) welcome their former students and all other PPG pilots to join us. Our goal is to have as hassle free venue so as to be fun and relaxing. One briefing at the beginning of the event and as needed thereafter. All we ask is for pilots to be considerate and show some discipline so that Don and Eric can enjoy the fly-in and relax with everyone.
For pilots interested in the Eric Dufour "Fly Your Age" challenge - the most flights in one day non stop - we will have a separate venue in the compound. (The record is James Farewell who flew 196 flights. James passed away a few months ago. It would be an honor to see someone tie his record or perhaps beat it. He would not mind 😊) Eric says he will not be competing but may do a flew flights to set the tempo. It will be harder for the older guys and easier for the young guns but to beat James will not be so easy! Let's see who is in shape and has the technique!
We are planning on as many as 100 pilots. This venue has plenty room for many more and even the possibility of setting a record! So join us for what should be a great event in sunny & warm Central Florida!
PS. If you have ideas to improve this event or ways to make it more enjoyable, please let us know.
We are contacting some Food Truck vendors to be on site for 3 meals/day for Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning breakfast will be an all you can eat buffet at the American Legion. The cost is $7. It is 2 miles from the LZ. Omelettes, bacon, sausage, eggs to order, biscuits and gravy, waffles, pancakes, orange juice, coffee, etc.
2258 Monday Terrace SW,
Palm Bay, FL 32908
(Cost is 35$US/pilot for pre-registration, after March 1st it will be 55$US/pilot)
To complete your registration please send your payment for each pilot via either by:
- A: 35$US by Paypal to
- B: send a 35$US cheque to:
Paratour USA, 6525 Indian River Blvd, Grant, Florida, USA 32949
(Canadians can also send a Postal Money Order in US$ via Canada Post)
Thanks to all.
2271-2217 Woodstock Dr SW
2271-2217 Woodstock Dr SW, Palm Bay, FL 32908

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