The Ozone Roadster 3 Is Here!

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The Ozone Roadster 3 Is Here!

Post by RSS-Feed » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:20 pm
The Ozone Roadster 3 is here! Okay, well it's been here for a few months now, but we took our time testing it out and finally released our official review of it on YouTube and Facebook! The Roadster line has been around for years and it's always unique and interesting when they come out with a new iteration. At first we expected it would be a slight improvement on the 2, but we were really blown away by it's enhanced performance. The 3 is a complete redesign. It still has the heavier fabric that differentiates it from the light weight Spyder, but Ozone made a lot of great changes to improve its characteristics.

The first thing you'll notice is that the wing is already much easier to launch than the 2. It also still has the shark nose feature and it still has the EN-B safety rating that you'd want in a glider that you're going to grow with. We did a bunch of frontal collapses on it to see how it responds, and it snaps back to full inflation with very little pilot intervention. 

Having such speed, trim range and tip steering while still maintaining EN-B level stability are just a few of the reasons this wing is such a joy to fly! Ozone really tweaked the handling on this glider to make it a lot more fun. You can really rip some turns on it if you wanted to. As a beginner pilot transitioning from something like the Ozone Mojo Pwr, you'll find that the Roadster 3 is much more responsive to your inputs especially as you begin to incorporate the tip steering. You'll find you can really grow into this glider and we feel this is the type of wing that you could fly for the rest of your life and truly never get bored.

Obviously color ways are very objective, but we wanted to comment on how much we love the standard color ways that Ozone offers for this glider. We've gotten a lot of compliments as well on the blue/yellow/purple 22m and 24m we've been flying. 

Being only a few months old, The Roadster 3 incorporates the absolute latest technology that exists in the world of paragliders. It also has some really high-end features that you'd normally only see in a more advanced wing. We really appreciate the attention to detail that Ozone put into this design and we are really excited for you all to try one out! If you have any questions about it or would like to order one, give us a call!

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