Our September Class is off to the Races!

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Our September Class is off to the Races!

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Ed, Billy, Allan, Eric, Beau and Rodney all took to the skies this September. Six new Paramotor pilots have joined the community! It's always an amazing feeling to see new students walk into our shop having sometimes never even seen a paramotor in person, and within 5 days they are flying solo. We are always just as excited as they are to see them complete their journey.

This short documentary showcases our students from their perspective. They explain what it's like learning to fly paramotors from ground school, to kiting for the first time, the motor simulation, towing, and of course their first solo flights. For anyone interested in what our training program is like, this video is a little peephole into our world.

The days are intense; 12 hours long, beginning with kiting practice at sunrise, ground school all day, and then more field work in the evening. We cover weather, federal aviation regulations, safety, maintenance, airspace, and so much more. It's hard work, but the gratification that comes with ultimate success makes it all worth it. It takes a lot of patience and practice, but eventually it will click. One of the biggest lessons the students learned this week was to just shut their brain off and listen to the instructors' guidance on the radio. "Hit the I-believe button", as our instructor Jon would say! 

Overall, the growth that we saw in each and every student this month was awe-inspiring. This sport truly does change lives, but not just because it gives us all a new hobby. We firmly believe paramotoring makes us all better people. We constantly practice valuable skills like patience, diligence, and humility. Our perspective on life changes. We make new friends and new family. We make new memories that we'll cherish forever. THAT is why we love what we do so much. Paramotoring is so much more than just flying and six more people discovered that this month.

​Who's next?!

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