2BSure Powerfloat Installation and Safety Tips

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2BSure Powerfloat Installation and Safety Tips

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We just released a video that's been highly requested for a while. A lot of people have wanted to see how the 2BSure Powerfloat is properly installed onto a paramotor. Luckily, this is a very simple process and it only takes two minutes. In a nutshell, the powerfloats have five straps for attachment points. The three in the middle are velcro and the top and bottom have buckles.

​There are two places you can attach the powerfloats: either on the shoulder straps, or directly onto the frame against the side of the harness. Attaching them to the shoulder straps might be a little more uncomfortable, but it allows the power floats to be as close to your body and to ride as high as possible, keeping your head above water in the event you go in the water. In the end, the location of your powerfloat is mostly up to preference. Just make sure you put them on the proper side so that they open outward to  the sides instead of toward you. Also consider tucking in the red pull toggle on the bottom to prevent accidental inflation. The powerfloats will automatically inflate when they contact water and you don't want them accidentally going off. However, if you know you will be flying over a large body of water, it's a good idea to keep the red toggles exposed so in the case of a motor out, you can pre-inflate the floats before you go in the water.

Drowning is the number one cause of death in this sport, which is why we highly recommend that you install power floats onto your motor. Paramotoring is as safe as you make it, and with these devices you can fly over water with much more confidence and security. They can be purchased at our online store here:
 https://www.aviatorppg.com/store/p41/Po ... evice.html

Source: http://www.aviatorppg.com/blog/2bsure-p ... afety-tips

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