Paradigm Aerobatics Finishes the 2019 Season!

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Paradigm Aerobatics Finishes the 2019 Season!

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Paradigm Aerobatics' final airshow of the 2019 season took place in Owensboro, Kentucky, an up-and-coming little town about 30 miles from Evansville, Indiana where we performed last year along the same stretch of the Ohio River. What a great town to finish out the season! Owensboro had one of the best crowds we've ever experienced, and their enthusiasm and cheering during the performance rivaled the feeling of Oshkosh.

Travis, Kyle and Brendan arrived on Wednesday afternoon and spent the day scouting locations for the launch and landing of Saturday's riverfront show. We ultimately found a field right by some spectator seating that allowed us to take off and land right next to the crowd which is always a treat for us!

On Thursday night, everyone from the team arrived at a local field to practice the show. We were also able to give the local media a tandem flight! Ethan Martin rocked the tandem as always and the rest of the guys put on a great show for the camera.

Friday morning, the team visited the Owensboro Innovation Academy to talk to the students about our sport and explain some of the STEM applications of the motor and paraglider. In the past, we've only visited younger students, but this time was special for us because the high-school level students were able to understand and appreciate the science of powered paragliding on a much deeper level. We were impressed by their great questions, and we loved their enthusiasm!

That night, we put on a beautiful sunset performance at the Owensboro airport and everything went off without a hitch! The weather was perfect, and the crowd was amazing!

On Saturday, we had an afternoon show as the opening act for The Blue Angels. Luckily we were able to perform, but the wind was pretty choppy so David couldn't safely perform infinite tumbles and the photo pass stack was quite challenging to hold. In the end, we still had an incredible show that the crowd loved while still remaining safe and smooth. 

We were so thrilled to be in Owensboro for the airshow and to open for The Blue Angels. It was a spectacular event and a wonderful way to end the airshow season! The Paradigm Aerobatic team will be training hard in the off-season and preparing to come back next year better than ever!

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