Paramotor Maintenance For Those In A Hurry

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Paramotor Maintenance For Those In A Hurry

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A week ago we shared our first Air Conception paramotor maintenance video on YouTube. We've been wanting to do these types of videos for a while and we were very pleased with the positive response to it. For those of you that were wondering- yes, we'll be doing an ongoing series for Air Conception paramotor maintenance which will feature short tips and tricks as well as more in-depth fixes of motors that get sent to us for repair. We think it will be a great education tool for pilots of any skill level, and if anything, these videos will hopefully be entertaining to watch!

In this first video, Kyle goes over the top 10 things you should routinely check every 5 to 10 hours to keep your motor working well and under warranty. Most of these should already be in your daily preflight and post flight checks, but this video breaks down each aspect in great detail while adding further explanation and extra things to check on. Kyle covers how to maintain the exhaust bolts, cylinder bolts, spark plug, belt tension, rubber exhaust bushings, carb screws, primer system, harness straps and the swing arm.

The great thing about this entire maintenance procedure is it only requires a few screwdrivers and wrenches and it should only take a few minutes each time you do it. We've found from experience that properly taking care of your motor using this method greatly reduces issues in the long-run, keeping you in the air longer, and keeping you safer as a result!

Even if you feel very comfortable with your own motor maintenance, it never hurts to get a refresher. Definitely check this video out and let us know what you think!

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