Help Wanted: Paramotor Instructor / Mechanic Job Position / Opportunity

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Help Wanted: Paramotor Instructor / Mechanic Job Position / Opportunity

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Image Aviator PPG is Hiring!
As our company's needs have grown, we are looking to add to our incredible team of aviation lovers.

If you've ever wanted to work in the paramotor industry and love working with a team spirit, we'd love to talk to you.

Position Type: Full Time

Required Experience: At least 2 years experience as a paramotor pilot. Educational experience preferred, flight instructing experience a bonus. Prior Military or First Responder experience ideally.

Prior experience working in a small, close knit team will greatly help our ideal candidate. Our team members work hard to serve the needs of our students and customers, we put in long hours and sometimes work for weeks at a time without a day off... But the work is extraordinarily rewarding, and working on our beautiful airport offers you many opportunities to catch quick flights while you're at work.

Job Duties & Expectations: We expect all team members to work whenever needed.... This is a salaried position and our time of greatest need is within the days we have new students in town... Teaching kiting, towing, ground school classes and more will be expected from you. A USPPA instructor's rating is expected to be earned withing 3 months of employment.

Additionally, we expect that you will have reasonable mechanical knowledge and a willingness to serve wherever the team needs you.

An internship period of 30 days will be considered the final part of our interview process.
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