The Air Conception Nitro XL

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The Air Conception Nitro XL

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We've shared videos and blogs about this exceptional chassis before, but it's been about two years since we've mentioned it, and we felt it needed some love. Here's a brand new video with Eric's thoughts on the Nitro XL!

The Delta's Crazy Cousin...this motor / frame combo is INCREDIBLE.

Swinging the industries first ever 150cm prop, the Nitro XL takes the standard Nitro revs down from 7,800rpm to just 6,100rpm...but while a reduction in revs may not initially sound like a good thing, it actually changes the performance MASSIVELY for the better.

The overall thrust of the unit is up by a large margin (we don't have a thrust sled yet, but our butt-ometer is showing us an absolutely INCREDIBLE increase in climb rates). Additionally, fuel consumption, vibration, and noise are all drastically reduced.

The Delta XL stands a massive 5'4" tall (162.56cm) and astounds all who see it...

Although it's size is massive, we've discovered that it still handles power forwards with ease, in fact, we have yet to fail a launch with it. There IS a bit more friction on the lines as they're being pulled across the cage, but the feeling is inconsequential and something that you'll get used to.

Reverses are easy as well, though with the Delta's forward leaning angle you do need to take care not to rub the lines too heavily on the top of the looming cage. 

In addition, the strength of the cage is exceptional. I've had no issue with full power forwards even in moderate wind or with larger wings. Overall the entire unit is extremely well balanced and has completely taken my heart.

Though it's larger than any other motor out there, this cage's unique combination of balance, weight shift, thrust, and controllability is second to none.

If you'd like more information or to special order your own Delta XL check out our shopping site, or Contact Us any time.

Thank you for reading as always!


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