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Hodges Fly-In and Fishing in Alaska

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:14 pm
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Two weeks ago the Indy Air Hogs Fly-In was cancelled due to inclement weather, but luckily that didn't stop us from flying! Mr. Hodges was gracious enough to allow a bunch of pilots to fly into the Hodges private airfield in Americus, Georgia to spend the weekend. For those that haven't been there, this field is like a putting green that stretches for hundreds of yards. The grass is kept to absolute perfection and it makes take-offs and landings feel like a dream. It's a paramotor pilot's paradise (alliteration intended). We were super excited to get to fly there again after flying there back in May for the Bad Apples Fly-In, only this time was different since it was so last minute the skies were much less packed.

While Travis, Kyle and Brendan were in Georgia, Eric was in Alaska with his brother Joseph and father Bob. They spent 4 days fishing, riding ATV's, flying, and exploring the countryside.  Eric captured some beautiful footage of his trip and was able to share some pretty spectacular moments with us!

At Aviator, we always say flying paramotors is best when you have someone to share it with, and we believe life is the same as well. In this video, we all enjoyed sharing life with family and friends. We hope this video inspires you to enjoy life and share it with those that you care about as well!

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