Ken graduates!! And so much more...

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Ken graduates!! And so much more...

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ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Super productive last few day thanks to the mellow conditions we had.
With the winch fixed Lenin, Mariyan and I spent Friday morning towing. Lenin was taught Big Ears and the B-line stall. Both are ways of descending faster. More tools for his paragliding tool box.
Then it was back to the airport to fly with Paul for the afternoon. He added several more flights to his count bringing him up to 17! Just 8 more and he will be set free to fly on his own.
Saturday Ken, Mike and I met at the hanger before sunrise. Ken had to complete just 5 flights to satisfy the USPPA requirements, all his other training had been finished earlier. Mike unboxed his new wing, a beautiful Ozone Spyder! Mike and Ken took turns flying, one would set up while the other flew. This worked great as it gave both guys a chance to warm up (or cool down believe it or not) between flights. Ken did great and showed he has gained a lot of skill during training. Congratulations Ken! Be safe and have fun!!
Saturday afternoon was spent with Mike S, Jason, Brad and his brother Andy. Mike and Jason honed their kiting skills. Andy and Brad made their first flights last time we met. Both made several flights that day gaining confidence and control with each one. Way to go guys!

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