Andy and Brad’s 1st flight! Del graduates! So much more...

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Andy and Brad’s 1st flight! Del graduates! So much more...

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ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Very productive weekend! Highlights include:
Andy and his brother Brad both made their first flights Saturday shortly before sunset. Both did great in the somewhat imperfect conditions. Congratulations guys!!
Del completed all his requirements including the needed 25 flights to graduate Sunday right at sunset. Well done Del! Be safe and have fun!
We got the winch out Sunday morning and made several nice tows with it. Lenin, Mariyan, Dimitry and Matt all enjoyed the day.
Ken added several flights to his count bringing him ever closer to the needed 25.
Peter caught up on his ground school training. We watched the “Scary Movie”, prepared for and aced the PPG1 test. Nice work Peter!
Mike S and I met Dennis, Charles and Mariyan at the sledding to play with the cold north wind. Mariyan brought out the new Apco Hybrid wing for all to check out. This thing is pretty cool. The front half of the wing is double layered like a standard glider and the back half is a single layer. Very light and kites super easily. It’s supposed to very stable in flight too. Hopefully I’ll be able to test that soon!

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